Any pool or spa owner will tell you that it is necessary to repair your investment when it is damaged—just as you would any other area of your home.

All in-ground gunite pools will inevitably deteriorate over the years. Weather, time and plain old wear n' tear will erode your once enjoyable and safe place of relaxation into a shadow of its former beauty.

Since 1978, Swimming Pools by Phil Inc. has been renovating and repairing all cosmetic aspects of in-ground gunite pools and spas throughout Long Island, New York City & the rest of the tri-state area. Thousands of satisfied customers have turned their once dreadful eyesore of a pool into a bold, rejuvenated and pleasant retreat for their friends and family with the help of Phil Durinick & his crew.

Don't hesitate any longer! Call Phil to schedule an in-person consultation and begin the quick and easy restoration process!